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Every time I read something or hear something thought-provoking, interesting, inspirational, or funny, I have an intense yearning to share it. I do not work in a traditional office anymore and COVID restrictions have limited my robust conversations with friends. I have found that Twitter can be an outlet for sharing thoughts and ideas; I share there almost every day. But it seems excessive and personally distracting to tweet every single thing that I find intriguing, especially when I am away from my phone. When I read, I highlight what is truly touching, although sometimes a half-page of a book can be solid gold- as I am finding now. I’d like to eventually write down all of my favorite quotes from all of the books I have read, as a type of memoir of what types of information and words have influenced my life. Books have been a huge source of influence in my life. I am self-motivated to read, but then a lot of my motivation comes from books. Wise well-written words of the authors have often stirred in me life, passion, action, curiosity- and that is amazing. Kudos to those people for writing awesome books. 

I’m currently reading Jordan B. Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life. Now, more than ever, I want to share the quotes that are changing my life. Perhaps they can change yours too, without reading the whole book, although I highly suggest that you do. 

Here are some awesome ones, that if you were to think about and implement into your daily life, could make a huge positive impact.

We cannot navigate without something to aim at.” p. 92

When I was abruptly left without a job in March 2020, when the initial COVID shut-down happened in Oregon, I lost my aim. My life was so engrossed in my work, it defined me. I am embarrassed to say I flailed for several months, with no objective. Even though I felt like I was being “productive” every day- I refused to watch TV, kept my health up, researched things, interviewed a lot, gardened, cooked…. I was not progressing to any major life goal I had previously set. Worst, I was not becoming a better version of myself every day. I stopped being happy with my journey, it stopped being as fruitful and fulfilling of a journey as it felt I had been on. It felt like I took a step backward. 

There was a week after months of this aimlessness where I got very sick for an entire week. I thought I had COVID (although I tested negative). I had extreme temperature differentials, couldn’t eat (lost 10 pounds in 7 days), and was just blatantly uninterested in anything. I couldn’t even watch movies; thought everything was so aimless and uninteresting. A complete opposite of my previous personality which was that of a constant state of urgency and anxious passion. It felt like it was a culmination of the lack of aim of the last several months into one sick week; where my body said- if you are not going to be your best, an industrious, happy, go-getter- we will get very sick. That was a major turning point. 

I have found more structure now, and although I complain about those few months, I am also thankful that this happened because who knows how long I would have waited to start my own business, and I was put in a circumstance that gave me that opportunity, which is awesome now!

“Even when satisfied, temporarily, we remain curious. We live within a framework that defines the present as eternally lacking and the future as eternally better. If we didn’t see things this way, we would never act at all.” 

p . 93

It’s ok not to be satisfied because if we were not we wouldn’t act. Wow. This is so true and seemingly obvious. I feel like I often make myself guilty for wanting more, but if the success that I just had wasn’t because I wanted more, I wouldn’t have ever done it and had that success and reached my next level of contribution to the world and personal satisfaction. So, this leads me to the next quote…

“Perhaps happiness is always to be found in the journey uphill, and not in the fleeting sense of satisfaction awaiting at the next peak. Much happiness is hope.” 

P. 94

Ok, so now I know that I will have satisfaction on the peak, but it will be fleeting and I will be yearning for the next journey uphill which is the best part. Yes. 

“Take stock.” p. 93

I have told everyone I can so far about this one. This is a segment about home inspections. Before you buy a house, you hire an inspector to take detailed notes of every single thing of the house, all the flaws, all the good things. Then, you know what you are going to have to fix or remodel, etc. Why not do the same thing with yourself. Take detailed notes, take stock, write down all the things after you search deep within your psyche, and then you can know what you need to work on. So cool!

Cheers folks!



Ventures Intro

I spent years learning, growing, and contributing to a fantastic fast-paced high-growth start-up. It is bittersweet but I’m excited to move on to new ventures. I will be sharing with you what I have learned about sales operations, revenue, global expansion, politics, and business in the new segment of my website: Ventures. You have known me often for adventures, but those have largely been only what I pack in on weekends and PTO. Although not as photogenically pleasing, most of my life passion is focused on business ventures.

One of the key drivers I was responsible for was sales enablement and global expansion via analytics, revenue modeling, and strategic process changes. From strategic thinking, inter-team collaboration, and fine mathematical detail, I absolutely loved working on this. I helped our International team grow from a loosely organized group of eager people to a business machine with newly dialed in analytics models, budgets, processes and laser focus on priorities.  

It is critical now more than ever to set yourself up for future success. This means 1. Dialing in the budget and all costs and 2. creating the new pipeline of sales AND new hires NOW. 30 million people will be scrambling for jobs at the end of the summer, will you be able to capture the top talent and have a sales plan ready to go for them to hit the ground running? 

 The key components our venture is assisting with now is:

  1. Growth strategy
  2. Global expansion
  3. CRM implementation and adoption
  4. Sales enablement
  5. Commission structures
  6. Recruiting 

For a limited time, click here to schedule a FREE 15-minute intro consultation. 

Interview Questions

Want to know more about who I am right now? Here is off the cuff view of honest interview question responses.

List an example of a big win. 

As our sales operations lead and someone who stayed at the office late, I was often asked by our c-suite why and how something was happening. For example, Wiktoria- do we have a healthy sales pipeline?  Wiktoria, do you think we are going to hit our goals next quarter ? Previously, I did not feel like I could answer this question confidently, so I brainstormed solutions. I wanted to be ready for these types of questions. We simply didn’t have the information, and I do not like guessing. 

I realized that we need to have transparency into our global sales. It required heavy lifting; we needed a paradigm shift. We laser focused on a specific goal. One that was external facing (the sales reps), and one that was internal facing ( the executives). The internal facing goal was data transparency; I could measure % of compliance and revenue projections against budget. 

How about externally? This was all focused on sales enablement and automated commission payouts. Let’s make it easier for the sales rep to access lots of resources and then also get paid in a timely manner without them having to keep their own documentation of deals. 

How do we reward data transparency? How do we reward CRM usage? We need a carrot and a stick. The stick being deferred commission for non-compliance. Then, lots of carrots. The carrots being translated owner-facing collateral, marketing documents, webinars, and total support of what the sales reps asked for. This meant long hours but it also meant rapport building and total buy-in; something we really did not think was attainable a year prior. We reached 100% compliance, meaning I could then be able to finally forecast and predict. This then in turned allowed us to pull various levers and understand where to divest  / invest- driving the business forward. 

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Transition Time + Interview Thoughts

I had my dream job in the vacation industry. For three years, I learned, grinded, failed, persevered, succeeded, traveled, collaborated, and loved my job. It defined me. It was my first real job, and what felt like my entire career and life trajectory. It was a strange day. A few days ago I was celebrating with my team and executives my promotion and position change to San Francisco. In a week, I was set to fly to Tahiti for a month to recharge before the move. The next week, I lost my job, and therefore I lost a big part of myself. I gardened, cooked, journaled, and reorganized my laptop for two weeks after trying to figure out, without this company, who am I ? 

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Longer Flight, Please

I just got back from doing a little jig in the lavatory. Everything I am typing, is, in my mind, with an Australian accent; I reckon I’ve adopted one during my extensive travels, it feels natural.  I am flying back from Brisbane Australia to the severe winter weather that now plagues my current home and workplace, Portland Oregon, also known as Portland Beaverton by my lovely brother. He only says that to make it sound like more a suburb due to this envy of me moving out of our actually suburban hometown at the age of 18.

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Mushrooms 201; A Brief Field Guide

Mushrooms 201; A Brief Field Guide

  1. Safe= non poisonous look-alikes, easy to identify
  2. Moderate danger= be cautious and check for all the details of the description. Eat a small amount and test how your body reacts. Some people are allergic to the different proteins of the mushroom and it can cause mild digestive and nausea issues. 
  1. Chanterelle; safe

Description: Small, yellow, gills on the underside. Gills often stretch all the way down to stem. Stiff stalk.

Habitat: Coniferous or birch forests in mountainous areas. Can be hidden under moss or pine needles so dig through all the surrounding dirt. Clusters, if you see one, you will see more.

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Caught on a Summit

You Can Never Cheat

My Dad and I were deep in the mountains of the Sangre de Cristo Range in Colorado. We were on a multi-day backpacking trip to summit several 14ers. One day three, we were summiting Crestone Needle. It was a Monday, and there were hardly any other climbers on the mountain. Just two. We quickly caught up to them during some of the class-4 scrambling sections. The gal was having trouble crossing over a particularly exposed section. My Dad spotted (helped in securing) her climb and I took a video. I told her I captured here extreme feat and could send it to her after the climb. In the rough terrain, our pace was similar, so we climbed together for a while and got to talking.

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Ski Lifts & Speed Dating

Ski Lifts & Speed Dating

Ski lifts are the best place to date. Seriously. Think about it. There are three main reasons why dating on ski lifts trumps dating in the city or IRL (in real life). First, you have a basic understanding of the prospect’s interests and ability to generate revenue. Second, you take away first-impression appearance judged mostly on your personality, and lastly- it is extremely efficient! 

Let’s first talk about the overall demographic/psychographic of a person who will be at a ski resort. There is a baseline. They have to be at least a bit athletic, adventurous, have the means to get there or have friends, and have a baseline of wealth to participate.

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